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 start of something new

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start of something new Empty
PostSubject: start of something new   start of something new EmptyMon May 10, 2010 10:40 am

i post this at soshified too. enjoy.

Very Happy

part 1

"Oh! Oh!"

From snsd practice room, the loud sound was heard. The girls were busy practicing for their oh! Performance this upcoming Sunday. All of them focus on their dance, but one wasn't.

"Okay, stop!" suddenly Hyoyeon shouted. She stopped the music and the room fell completely silence. Everyone stares at her, wondering what's wrong.

"yoona, I saw a lot of mistake," she said. Yoona almost flinched when she heard that. She thought no one saw her, but she was wrong. When it comes to dancing, Hyoyeon was probably the sharpest to notice any mistake among them.

"I'm sorry unnie," Yoona replied. "Let's take a break. You're probably just exhausted," Yuri said. With that, they went to take a rest. Yoona walked to the corner of the room and sat down. Yuri followed her. "what's wrong?" Yuri asked as she sat next to her. "usually you won't make these kinds of mistakes,"

Yoona shrugged. "I don't know. I just felt?something's wrong,"

Yuri patted her friend's back and smiled. "don't worry. Maybe you're just tired. I mean, we've been very, very busy,"

"yeah, I guess so..."

From that corner, they saw Taeyeon fooling around with Sunny, watched by Jessica. Sooyoung was talking to Seohyun and tiffany. Hyoyeon probably went to the restroom. Yoona stared at her teammates. She felt uneasy these few days. But why? These feelings appeared since the Gayo Daejun. Maybe she was tired, but why it's not the pain that bothers her. It's something else. Something that yoona knows she have never experience.

Hyoyeon entered the room and she looked at Yoona.
"you're okay?"
Yoona smiled and showed a thumbs up to her. "let's continue practicing," said yuri.


"okay, for today performance, just do your best,"
"thank you oppa!!" the girls shouted in unison. Their manager smiled in satisfaction and left the dressing room.

"oppa's mood is really good today, "said sooyoung. "maybe we could ask him to buy us some snack,"
"ah, don't put your hopes to high," sunny giggled.

The girls had done being make-up and they are only waiting for their turns to perform. Left in the room, they joked around and chatted, doing what girls do best when being together.

Suddenly, a knock was heard on the door. "who's that?" tiffany asked as she pulls the doorknob. When the door was opened, she gasps. "oppa!!"

"hi everyone!" eunhyuk appeared. The girls were shocked and the smiled as eunhyuk, kyuhyun, leeteuk , ryeowook and shindong walked into the room.
"we came to support you girls today," said leeteuk.

Yoona whom was talking to yuri was also shocked to see the boys came. She felt a rush of emotions in her. It's that feelings again. She became confused.

"actually someone forces us to come today. He wanted to meet you so badly,"kyuhyun smiled mischievously. He stared at the other boys as they changes glances.

"oppa, who is it?" yuri asked. Kyuhyun grinned," ohh?it's a secret, yuri. If you wanted to know so badly, I'll tell you in private,"

Yuri looked toward Yoona who stand next to her. "why is kyuhyun oppa smiling like that? Is he teasing me?" Yuri whispers to her. Yoona didn't hear what yuri had said. Her mind wondered somewhere. Again, she felt uneasy. What causes her to felt such way?

"okay, snsd, you're next. Get ready!!"

"ah, let's have an after party!" Shindong suggested. "true. Our meeting is too short. Let's have a drink after your performance," Ryeowook nodded in agreement.

"okay!!!" quickly taeyeon replied.


The girls went back to their dorm after the show. Everyone was tired. Yoona went to the kitchen with yuri to get some water.

"were home now. When's the party?" yoona asked. Yuri stared at yoona in disbelievement. "didn't you hear what we've planned? You were there aren't you? Next to me,"

"I was?but I?" yoona's sentence trail off. She was there. But she was busy in her own world, not noticing about anything else.

"just listen to me carefully. I'm not going to repeat this. We're going to do this 2pm style. Get up at 3 a.m and sneak out," yuri said as she took a bottle on the shelf.

"3 a.m? what are we going to do at such time?" yoona asked.

"were just going to walk around,"

Yoona nodded. Is it a party to just walk around?


the girls rushed out of their dorm, discreetly and silently. They went out and as promised, they met with super junior minus kibum, hankyung and kangin.

"okay, so we're all here. Let's have fun," leeteuk announced.

It was like any other 'party', they talked, played around and drink. Yoona felt out of mood and she walked out of the group. She walked around the park, and she spotted someone sitting alone on a bench, playing with his phone. Yoona approached him.

"what are you doing?" she asked.

Ryeowook startled. "oh, its you. Nothing. I was playing with some games,"

Yoona sat next to him. she hadn't realized that ryeowook wasn't in the group, until now.
"why are you here?" yoona asked. Ryeowook just smiled. He stared at yoona." And why are you here too?"

Yoona laughed. And then the tought came to her. Until now, she was curious of what kyuhyun had said. Of course. Ryeowook seems to be the honest type. "tell me oppa, who?who was it that kyuhyun talked about in the dressing room?" she asked.

Ryeowook smiled " It was?...............a secret," he laughed. Yoona pouted.

"tell me!! I wanted to know.."

Ryeowook laughed harder. He touched yoona's cheek and whispered, "you're just too cute. I can't handle you. It was me, wanting too meet you," he stood up and gave yoona a wink before walking away towards the group of partying people.

Yoona froze. She felt her heart beat faster. That feeling came again. Is it because of Ryeowook? She remembered she was talking to Ryeowook during sorry sorry finale and they never met after that. is that why she felt uneasy?
Yoona was thinking, At the dressing room, Ryeowook was there wasn't he? its him. "its ryeowook that made my heart skip a beat," she whispered.

She was frozen for a while and came back to her senses when her phone rang. She took her phone. A text message had arrived from an unknown sender. She opened it.

"come here. I don't want to be responsible if you're left here yoona^^ -ryeowook-,"

Yoona smiled. She finally realized her feelings. All this time, the uneasy feelings..her heart yearns for him. Why hasn't she realized the feeling before? "oppa, wait for me," she whispered as she walked to the group.

It is the start of something very exciting. she knew
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start of something new Empty
PostSubject: Re: start of something new   start of something new EmptyMon May 10, 2010 10:51 am

part 2

Snsd and Super junior went back to their dorm at 5 a.m. they were exhausted and at the same time felt very happy. Yoona was also one of them who felt incredibly happy. She kept on smiling all the way back to the dorm.

"Tell me, what happened?" Yuri asked. Yoona smiled broader and she blushed. Every time she thinked about what ryeowook had said to her, she felt shy and happy. She felt as if she won a prestigious award.

"Nothing," yoona replied. "Don't lie yoona. I can read you like a book. Look, you're blushing so bad,"

Yoona was about to tell Yuri about ryeowook's action when her cell phone suddenly rang. She received a message from ryeowook.

"Ah, you're home yet? Have a safe trip~~^^,"

Yuri whom was watching Yoona knew that something had happened. And by the look of it, it seems one of the Super Junior boys had something to do with it.

"Is it Siwon? Or Heechul? Hm? both are plausible, "she whispered to herself as she walks side by side with her friend whom was texting and kept on blushing.


That morning the girl's manager stormed into the girl's dorm in rage. He called all of the girls together to talk, and by the look of it, it seems serious. Everyone was scared and decided to keep quiet even though they were a bit confused.

"What do you think might have happened to make manager oppa so mad?" sunny whispered to taeyeon. Taeyeon shrugged. If it's about last night party, she was sure that the manager doesn't know. Plus, they didn't encounter with anybody, not even a netizen. So, what did they do wrong?

"You know? you girls are busy and I think you shouldn't do things like these anymore?. Please don't do it again?.. You're just going to ruin your image?. It is also going to affect your performance. Since you're too busy, get a rest? even if the time is short. I'm talking about the party you have last night?," the manager finally spoke. His voice sounded calm.

"We're sorry," Tiffany finally spoke. "We won't do it again,"

"To make matter worse?look at these," the manager handed out papers to Taeyeon.
As soon as they looked at it, they gasp. On the papers, there pictures of them, partying with Super Junior boys last night. "Who did this?" Taeyeon asked the manager.

"I got no idea. It was posted in the internet this morning. It was such a hot topic. We couldn't do anything," he said looking at the girl's scared expression. Then, he holds out another paper with a picture printed on it. "There's another picture here..."

The manager handed the paper to Yoona "It's YOU,"

When Yoona looked at the picture, she was frozen. It was a picture of her and ryeowook sitting on the bench together, with ryeowook's hand on her cheek. The other girls also looked at the picture and they stared at the manager and yoona in disbelievement.

"I don't know what happened there, but I think, you should be more careful that such incidence would never occur again," said the manager as he glanced to his watch. "were going to be late for schedule, so get ready now," with that the manager left the girls and waited outside the dorm.

"Is it...what I think it is?" Tiffany asked Yoona. She just shrugged and went to her room, ignoring others. Yuri who saw Yoona's expression went after her. "Don't worry. It's going to be okay," she said patting her back.


Ryeowook was cooking breakfast when Kyuhyun suddenly come up to him.

"Cool. You're the 1st rank in internet search now," he said grinning. Kyuhyun took a bite of the fried egg ryeowook made and sat on the dining table. Ryeowook stared at him "and?.why is that?" he asked.

Yesung walked into the kitchen abruptly. "You got to look at these," he said as he pulls Ryeowook into his room, in front of the computer. "You overdo things sometimes. But I can't never believe these stories if it wasn't because of the pictures,"

"What did I do hyung?" ryeowook asked, still confused.

Yesung showed ryeowook a fan blog, and he was shocked. There's a picture of him holding Yoona's cheek last night. Why is it on the net?? Ryeowook read the article quietly. He also read the comments

Ryeowook Super Junior and Yoona SNSD ARE Dating!!!


Snuggle tooth: oh man!! No!!!!!!!!!! Yoona is Taekyeon's FOREVER!!

Ryeoforever: what!! I can't believe this!! How dare ryeowook cheated on me.

WookieSaranghe: I'm heartbroken!!

Hae: I want khun to be with Yoona. Ryeowook is not a hottie.

Pro: Lets protest against this couple. They are not suited to be with each other!! Ryeowook is not good enough for our Yoona! We want Khun or Taekyeon or Lee Seung Gi!!! Say no to Ryeowook!! We hate Wookie!! How dare you take away our precious Yoona!!

Ryeowook felt like a million sword had stabbed him. The responses were mostly negative. The fans did not approve of such thing. Not even the ELF had supported him.
He immediately texted Yoona, worrying about her.

"I'm sure you heard the news by now. Don't worry. Its going to be okay^^ keep on smiling Yoona!! I'll support you"

It was after he received a delivery report that he started to question himself.

"What should I do?" he whispered.


A week had passed. Both Yoona and Ryeowook had received tons of Angry Fan letter, complaining and criticizing of their relationship. Both Super Junior and SNSD also received criticism on partying at late night together in a public place. Therefore, in order to handle the situation, the SM company decided to hold a press conference regarding the incident.

"Who was the one who planned the party?" the reporter asked.

Leeteuk hold his hand. "It was me. I think that the girls were too busy with schedule that they didn't have any time to have fun," his answer was short but firm. Leeteuk had decided that he would take the responsibility.

"Did it ever cross your mind that someone would saw you and take pictures?" another reporter asked.

"no," answered Leeteuk.

"What did you do at the party, actually?"

"We drinked?but it's not alcohol," this time it wasn't Leeteuk who answered. It was Taeyeon.

The reporter statisfied with the answer started scribbling on his notebook.
Suddenly a reporter raises his hand hastily and stand up. "is it true that Kim Ryeowook is dating Im Yoon A?"

Leeteuk stared at the reporter for a second and he answered "no,"

"I want to know from Ryeowook himself. Is it true that youre dating?" the reporter snapped, looking at ryeowook like a predator.

"no, we are not," replied ryeowook calmly.

"what about your feeling? Is there love?"

"no. there's nothing like that. Never came across my mind,"

Yoona who had heard Ryeowook said the statement himself was shocked. She felt heartbroken, and in pain. The feeling was unbearable. She tried to control her emotions and not letting any tears falls down in front of the reporter.

"and?do you have any feelings for him, Yoona?"

Yoona was silence. To answer no was too hard for her. She knew she liked Ryeowook. But if Ryoewook had answered he have no feelings for her, why should she said yes? She tried to open her mouth, but she couldn't. she might not able to control her feelings anymore. Yuri hold Yoona's hand firmly. As if she was given strength, Yoona was able to grasp her emotions and pull herself together.

Finally she said it, "no. I don't think so,"


Yoona spent her night crying in her room. the other girls had tried to cheer her up, but they coulnd't. she was too sensitive and the words Ryeowook said was too painful.
"You still have Khun oppa," said Yuri.

Yoona was quiet, staring at the computer screen.

"and there's Chansung," Yuri continued. she glanced at Yoona expressionless face from time to time.
"and there's our Lee Seung Gi oppa..."

when a minute has passed and Yuri had not received any response, she started to give up.
"put a trust in Ryeowook oppa. i believe in him, and so are you,"
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start of something new Empty
PostSubject: Re: start of something new   start of something new EmptyMon May 10, 2010 10:51 am

part 3

Taeyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Yuri and Sooyoung went to Star Golden Bell recording the next day. They were invited to be the guest, along with 2pm, Shinee and T-ara. As soon as they arrived, they saw everyone was there, getting ready. From afar, Yuri felt as she was being watched, but when she turned to look, there's no one.

"You're okay, Yoona?" Yuri asked. Yoona just nodded. She really doesn't have the mood to attend the recording, but she doesn't want to disappoint anyone so she forced a fake smile.

"You don't have to force yourself you know," Yuri said still worrying about her.

"It's okay. I'll try to enjoy myself. Thanks Yuri," Yoona hold Yuri's hand tight, appreciating her concern. She really fell thankful for having a friend like her. But to Yoona, Yuri felt like more than just a friend. All the SNSD girls are family. She just loves them so much.

"Okay, let's start, everyone," the PD called.

When Yuri walked together with Yoona, she saw Nichkhun glancing towards them. He heard the news, hasn't he?


Throughout the recording, Yuri was staring at Taekyeon for a while. He always smiles so broadly, showing his set of teeth. He also has a tough build. Yuri finds her being attracted to this guy unconsciously. Why is he so...?

"Taekyeon ah, don't you thinks that enough?" the MC asked.

Taekyeon being shocked by the sudden question seems to be blurr. "Ah, what's enough?" he asked back.

The MC laughed. "You kept on looking at Yuri aren't you? Stop doing that. It's going to be a scandal,"

Everyone made a wooo sound and Yuri blushed. She was staring at Taekyeon, but how come she didn't realize that he was looking back. Is it that obvious?

"Ah, Nichkhun. You were said to be the most romantic person voted by people. I would like to see that for myself," said the MC. "we've prepared a table for two,"

As he said that, the staff came bringing a coffee table and chair, followed by a candle on top of the table.

"Who would like to be the lucky person?" Nichkhun asked. He walked toward the SNSD girls staring one person so passionately with his puppy like eyes. "Would you like to be my princess for the day, lovely Yoona,"

Nichkhun bowed in front of Yoona and held his hand out for her. Yoona hesitated but Yuri pushed her that she almost fallen onto Khun. Khun led her to the table, pulling the chair for her to sit on. Everyone aww at them. Nichkhun seems so sweet and romantic that Yuri felt that kind of envy. Wish

Taekyeon would do that to her. She blushed at the moment she imagined it.
Suddenly someone came up front and pushed Khun away from the chair. Instead, he sat on it.

"Chansung, what are you doing? You're spoiling the romantic moment," asked the MC as everyone was laughing at his abrupt action.

"I want to be with Yoona. You'll be the waiter hyung,"he said.

Nichkhun nodded. He started to pretend taking order. "Beautiful lady, what do you want to have for tonight?" he asked looking at Yoona. Yoona laughed harder as Chansung complain to Nichkhun that a waiter shouldn't steal his date. Yuri looked at Yoona as she laughed.

"Good. She's back to herself. I'm happy for you, Yoona," she whispered to herself.

After the recording, Taekyeon approached Yuri.

"Can I..Uh.. Have you're number phone, please," he said, almost in a whisper that Yuri had a hard time trying to hear him.
Yuri giggled. "Okay. Here," she said. After she gave her number, Taekyeon left saying goodbye. Sunny quickly approach Yuri. "Ahh, I'm so jealous of you. I like him too,"

"Don't be so selfish. You already got Son Ho Young," she said teasing Sunny.

"Yeah, I text him everyday," Sunny replied, grinning.

It was then that Yuri saw Nichkhun and Yoona standing together at the corner of the room. Whatever that they may be doing, Yuri felt glad that Yoona was smiling broadly and not only pretend to.


Ryeowook was playing the piano when Kyuhyun came up to him.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "Composing music? Can you do it in this condition?"

Ryeowook fell silence. True. He wasn't able to concentrate for these few days, what more to compose music. He shook his head and looked at the super junior's magnae.

"Yoona hasn't responded to me. She didn't reply to my texts and didn't answer the phone too. I think she's mad. What should I do?" Ryeowook asked.
Kyuhyun fell in a deep thought. "I don't know. Just don't worry bout that,"

Ryeowook looked back at the piano. She played a few melodies than an idea came up to him. He stood up, wanting to get back to his room when kyuhyun stopped him.

"I have a confession to tell you,"

"What is it?" ryeowook asked.

"I like Yuri. What should I do?"

Ryeowook stared at kyuhyun in disbelivement.


When yoona arrived at her room, she saw that Yuri was already on her bed, texting. She knew, the person must be Taekyeon oppa. She saw them together after the recording, exchanging number. Yoona smiled to herself when she suddenly remembered about Nichkhun and Chansung, getting jealous over each other.

Yoona flipped her phone open and there's a voicemail.

"Hi.. Well, this is me. I've composed a song and I want you to be the first person to hear it. Please tell me what do you think, okay?"

Then, there was a beautiful music, a piano being played. Yoona was mesmerized as she heard what Ryeowook had given her.

" I saw you from the distance,

I was charmed and never look away,

It was you that I fall to..

I'll be your hero and forever your drug,

I'll be anywhere as long as you're there..

Cause there's nothing in the world that mesmerizes me..

Like you do.."

The voicemail ended. Yoona felt frustrated. She wanted to hear more. It was so sweet of him to sing for her. Yoona was typing a text to ryeowook
when her cell phone rang, a message had been received.

"Smile always beautiful lady, -khun-"

"Is it Ryeowook or Nichkhun?" asked Yuri who realized Yoona's sudden change in expression. Yoona looked at Yuri whom was holding her phone and
realized something.

"You're texting with Kyuhyun or Taekyeon?"

both of them fell silence...

-to be continued-
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start of something new Empty
PostSubject: Re: start of something new   start of something new EmptyMon May 10, 2010 10:52 am

Seoul music award is coming soon and so the girls worked extra hard practicing. They will be performing their MEGA-hit song, Gee and also their new song, OH!

"Okay girls, come on! Let's get to practice!!" called Taeyeon who appeared at the practice room door.

"Is it time already? Feels like seconds," Yuri complained. She sighed heavily and glanced at her cell phone. That guy
hasn't replied yet.

"Yoong-ah.. Did Khun texted you?" she asked looking at Yoona who was sitting beside her.

"Yeah, he did. He constantly did. Why?"

"Nothing.." Yuri replied, showing a fake smile. She was worried. Is there something wrong? Why haven't he replied to her text message? "Maybe he's busy.." Yuri mumbled to herself, trying to cheer herself up.


With that, both Yoona and Yuri stand up, getting ready for another round of practice.


That night, the girls were exhausted from practice and tight schedule. They went to bed to rest for a couple of hours which seems insufficient. But, they still use the time wisely. In the middle of the night, suddenly a figure appear walking to the kitchen. Yoona saw the person and followed her.

"Are you..Eating snacks secretly again?" she asked.

Yuri gasped. "No, I wasn't!" she quickly wiped off the bread crumbs that gotten stuck around her mouth.

"Are you having a problem? It's okay to tell me. We're soul mates, aren't we?" Yoona patted her unnie's back. She continued, "Now, you know that we shouldn't eat after 7 p.m? Wash those. And drink some water. Get back to our room after that,"

Yuri stared as Yoona walked out of the kitchen, heading straight for their room. She chuckled. It's like Yoona can read her mind. She was stressed, yes. She had problems, yes. And she did eat something, that's absolutely true. Maybe she should just tell Yoona about everything that's going around in her head.

"We are soul mates, huh?" Yuri smiled some more. "Of course. We are Yoonyul after all," she whispered to herself. With that Yuri washed her hands and drank some water before heading to her room.

As soon as Yuri closed the bedroom door, Yoona started to bombard her with questions.

" Who is it? Kyuhyun? What did he do? Are you guys official now? What are you thinking? Ah, I can't believe this.."

Yuri laughed "Wow?slow down Yoong-ah.. Let me take it one by one,"

Yoona signaled to Yuri telling her to sit on her bed, together. Yuri sat down, grabbing the dolls their fans gave and hugged it tightly.

"It's Taecyeon,"

From the corner of her eyes, Yuri saw something fall from Yoona's hand, followed by a loud noise.

"Sorry. I dropped that," said Yoona, reaching for the bottle of water on the floor. She took it and held it tightly. It was so sudden. She was shocked. But it's good news too. Wonder what will the other girls response would be if they know.

"He.. He didn't text me at all since Monday, Yoong-ah," Yuri bursts into tears. Yoona reached for her unnie and hugged her.

"Ask Khun please. Ask him what's wrong with Taec oppa,"

Yoona smiled. "Okay. I will. Don't worry about that. You should tell me about this sooner,"


It's the night, of Seoul Music Award. Yuri was getting nervous but it's the usual. She always get nervous for their performance, but the feeling will get away as soon as she's on stage.

"Were fine doing rehearsal. Let's do our best," Taeyeon shouted to everyone in the room.

"You okay? Have you sent your number to Taecyeon oppa?" Yoona whispered.

"I did. Don't worry. He texted me now. As regular as Kyuhyun,"

Yoona smiled and went to get her hair done, leaving Yuri in her own world. Yuri laughed when she thinked back of what had happen. Nichkhun had helped to explain Taecyeon's situation to her. She kind of regret that she cried that night.

"He said that he lost your number. He tried to ask for your contact, but no one have yours. He didn't try to ask me through Khun-oppa. He forgot bout that. He kept waiting for the time when we meet to ask for your number again. Yuuuurii-ah, did you hear what I said? Are you sleeping?"

Yuri laughed. Yoona's voice get stuck in her head and keep repeating like a broken tape being played. And then the thought came to her. Will she be able to meet Taecyeon today?

The girls did their performance well, without any mistakes seen by anyone. When they sang, even the crowd sang and dance with them. Yuri's nervous had dissappear like being blown by the wind. she enjoyed being on the stage.


Its time.. the MC are going to announce the Daesang award. everyone's heart was thumping. the girls held each others hand under the table and prayed..

" And the Daesang award goes to..So Nyuh Shi Dae!!!"

Everyone was screaming. The girls were shocked. Yuri immediately stood up, still unable to believe what she had heard. But the other group idols had surrounded them, clapping their hands, wishing congratulation. Yuri saw Leeteuk and bowed to him before heading between Seohyun and Tiffany, and then hugged Yoona tightly.

"We won..It's a miracle," Yoona whispered.

"It's not a miracle. We deserve this. With our hard work,"

The girls headed for the stage and Yuri felt someone patted her back but she didn't turn around. She was too happy.
She was immersed in the joy.

They received the award and Yuri also gave a few speeches. After that they hugged and wiped each other tears.

"Girls, lets do this," said Jessica and they shouted fighting in unison.



"Wook-ah.. They're singing gee,"

Ryeowook was staring at the stage, looking at the person with the number 7 on her back. He looked at Kyuhyun beside
him and ask, "And..?"

"Come on, lets get on stage,"


"Come on!! Before the song ends,"


On the stage, Yoona hugged Yuri tightly as they comforted each other. The first one to notice the boys intention was Seohyun. She smiled and glanced to see their oppa coming up the stage.

Yoona saw Kyuhyun and touches his arm to tell him that Yuri was there. But Kyuhyun didn't realize and heading in front of the girls. Yoona released Yuri from her arms and wiped the tears that's left in her soul mate's eyes.

"Yuri-ah, it's Kyuhyun," Yoona whispered.
The other girls become excited with their 2 new members. Jessica hugged Ryeowook briefly as Kyuhyun was getting the attention and grinning all the way.

During the chorus part, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook dances together with the girls. Ryeowook was a bit embarrassed but he did the dance anyway. Little did he realize that Yoona was grinning as she dances behind him. Yuri was far at the back but slowly she went to the front, behind Kyuhyun.

"Oh yeah, yeah, yeah?" the chorus part ends. Both Kyuhyun and Ryeowook turns back, feeling more embarrassed with themselves. Kyuhyun passed by Yuri and all he did was smile. Yuri felt her heart flutter.

Sooyoung reached for Ryeowook and hugged him before Yoona did. "Don't forget to reply, okay?" he whispered as they hugged briefly. Ryeowook let go of her and walk down the stage. Yoona followed him and saw Eunhyuk waving at her. She gave him a high-five. The girls continued singing the encore, until the end.


It's the ending. The idols came up the stage to be with the girls and congratulate them. They were greeted by Shinee, Beast, Kara, T-ara and others. Yoona saw Ryeowook from afar, coming towards her.

"Hey," he called her, holding her arms pulling her closer for a whisper.

"You heard the voicemail, right? how was it? i wrote that song you know,"

"Oppa?thank you. but i want more," Ryeowook smiled and patted her before he leaves the stage.


"Thank you!!" said Seohyun. Yuri turned her back facing the person Seohyun was thanking. It was 2PM. Ok Taecyeon was directly behind her.

Taecyeon was clapping his hands and looked at Yuri.

"Sorry bout not contacting you,"

"It's okay. Just don't forget from now on," said Yuri as the other girls direct their attention away from them. Seohyun
bowed to Taecyeon and turned away, smiling when she saw the look on her unnie's face.

"Tell us everything when we get back, ok?"


"I.. I forgot!!!" said Yoona.

The ceremony has ended and the girls went back to their dorm. It's time to relax. they did, after all, won a few awards.
Yoona and Yuri was at their room, talking when Yoona suddenly said she forget something.

"What do you forget?" Yuri asked. she was in blurr.

"Khun-oppa told me to meet him there, at the ceremony. But i forgot!!"

"You were thinking about Ryeowook aren't you? that's why you forget!!" said Yuri laughing. she continued, " Yah, you better apologise,"

Yoona heard what Yuri had said to her but.. she was thinking of something else...


*will be continued*
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PostSubject: Re: start of something new   start of something new EmptyMon May 10, 2010 10:52 am

part 5..

The next morning, the girl's manager came.
"Yoona.. you need to come with me," he said.

He left with Yoona following him. Everyone wondered where she was taken to.


Yoona heart thumphed. She knows where she will be going. It?s clear. They?ve taken the elevator, and walked towards the most impressive, large and sophiscated room in the building. She?s going to meet Lee Soo Man. But why?

"Yoona's here," the secretary said through the telecom.

"Let her in," a hoarse voice replied.

"I'll wait outside. Go on inside. He's waiting. I'll drop you off to your filming site after this," said the manager opening the door for Yoona. Yoona smiled and said thanks before walking inside. She closed the door slowly and turned to face the scariest person she ever meet.

Lee Soo Man was smiling. He gestured his hand, ordering her to sit on the sofa in front of him. Yoona silently did what she was ordered.

"Do you know why I call you here, today..despite of your tight schedule?" he asked.
Yoona shook her head, still remain silence.

"I have a request. No. it's an order," he smile again. "You know, last night we received a lot of calls regarding your actions at the award show. You should know that once you're an idol, everyone looks at you. They know everything that you do,"

Lee soo man paused and took a sip from the cup of coffee on the table.

"You do know that you have a scandal with super junior's Ryeowook. Both of you denied it but still you showed intimancy. People's are going to be furious, you know. Beside, they didn't like your pairing. They still prefer Nichkhun and Yoona. And so do I," he stopped smiling. His voice was stern and sounded like warning. He stared at yoona with an icy stare.

His glare is much more scarier than jessica's icy glare, Yoona thinked. She didn't know what to respond.

"It's not that i hate Ryeowook. He's such a talented guy. But you.. i think you would be more successful this way. Tonight, you will confess that you liked Nichkhun on Strong heart. I already informed the PD that you will reveal a secret. By tomorrow, you and nichkhun will be famous like hot cakes! And our sales will go high!! People would invite you to shows more together with Nichkhun. and i believe that you will receive more endorsement contract"

What the?? Yoona was speechless. What did he said? is this true. No, she wont do it! this is absurd. True, she will get more famous and everything. But this kind of thing, matters of heart, she can't possibly just point to a person and said she likes him. she have to really, really likes him to do so!

"But i.." Yoona wanted to refuse but she was immediately cut off by Lee Soo Man's icy glare.

"Like I said. this is an ORDER, IM YOONA,"

Yoona gulped.


Yoona was silent during Strong heart's recording. She kept mumbling "what should I do?" to herself. According to the script, it's almost time for they to change the topic by asking Yoona about her 'secret'. She scratch her head unconsciously and Lee Seung Gi saw her.

"I just saw Yoona scratching her head there. Is there something that you would like to share?" he asked, smiling.

Yoona froze. Is it time? She stared at Lee seung gi and then looked around at others. What should I do? She asked herself.

"You're okay?" Ok Taekyeon whom was next to her asked. Yoona smiled, half heartily. "Yeah.. I am,"
Then she remembered Lee Soo Man?s voice. Its like an alarm, ringing in her head, playing again and again. "ITS AN ORDER, IM YOONA,"

"Its kinda rare for a girl to scratch her head in public, except when she really have a problem or something in mind," said Taekyeon. everyone went wow and said that Taekyeon really knows about girls. Taekyeon smiles happily and unconciously shows his full set of teeth.

"I have a confession to make," Yoona finally spoke.

"Tell us. It's about time!!!" everyone was cheering. Yoona was still considering what to say.


Yoona bit her lips. Whatever happens after this lie, she have to endure it.

"I have a crush on nichkhun-oppa,"

She looked around. God, this is a fatal mistake. There's Taekyeon and Junho. Will they tell Nichkhun about this?

There's Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk. Will they tell Ryeowook about this? What will their response be?

And there's Lee Seung Gi, the one who also said that she was her ideal girl, right in front of her, looking extremely shocked.

Her feelings were mixed, rushing in and out like a hurricane. She's confused. Yuri.. I need Yuri..



Khun was relaxing in the dorm with Junsu. Both of them was watching TV when suddenly Khun's phone rang.

"Junho, what is it?" he asked.

Junsu looked at khun, he noticed that in a second, Khun's face lit up like being showered in a spotlight. He looked excited. "What is it that made you so happy?" Junsu asked when Khun shoved his phone in his short's pocket.

"something interesting had happened," he answered.

Khun stood up and went to his room.

"I have to do something. Ahh.. what.." he paused, thinking. "ah..i have to prepare. Nice clothes. Nice clothes,"
Nichkhun sang happily as he prepares something.. something to thank yoona for choosing him over millions of guys
who liked her.


Another Meanwhile..

Donghae and Siwon were eating while Ryeowook was washing the plates in the kitchen. Ryeowook glanced at himself in the mirror. He's wearing an apron and washing the dishes. Feels like a mom.

"We heard about you and Yoong from Kyuhyun. So you're becoming more intimate with her and serious about this huh?" Donghae suddenly broke the silence between them.

"Ah, that person did?" Ryeowook laughes.

"We used to have feelings for her..right Siwon?" Siwon nodded as Donghae continues to speak. "We all do. But you.. You're just lucky that she takes your hint and respond to her. She never realize when I hit on her last year",

"come on. You got Jessica. Stop looking at Yoong." Siwon finally spoke. Then he looked at Ryeowook.

"Yah, you better take good care of her. If you don't, we'll take her from you. Mark my word," he said and continued eating.

Ryeowook laughs again.

"ok hyung,"

Suddenly his cellphone rang. Ryeowook quickly wiped off his wet hands and picked up his phone.

"Teukie hyung!! What's wrong? Aren't you recording now?" he asked as soon as he answered the phone.

"You need to know this.."



It only took a few hours for the news about the confession to spread around. Everyone was anticipating for that episode of strong heart. Yoona was getting restless. She told the story from A to Z to the girls.

"At least it's Khun. If you tell him the truth, I'm sure he?ll understand,"

"I hope so.."



Ryeowook was sitting on the edge of his bed, thinking hard.
"Why am I like this? Why am I so restless. I mean she.. there's nothing wrong.. we can still be friends right? Friends is okay. I guess.."

Unknown to him, Yesung was watching at the door.


Yoona and Yuri were asleep when suddenly a phone rang. Yoona woke up and tried to look for the annoying thing.

"That's mine. Sorry. Get back to sleep," Yuri gave an apologetic look before answering the phone.

"It's me," Yuri's heart skipped a beat when she heard the voice. She calmed herself down.

"Yah, why are you calling so late? You managed to irritate Yoona," she said, giggling.

"Hehe..Sorry bout that. I was busy and I wanted some privacy before calling you. You do know how the boys like to tease me," the person replied.

Yuri smiled. Privacy? "So what's the reason for you to call?" she asked.

"Ah, before that, I have something to confirm with you. What's Kim Tae Woo hyung to you?"

Yuri almost let out a laugh. "That bear.. he's just an oppa. Nothing more,"

"Then.. Would you go out with me? I mean.. lets have lunch together sometimes. Is that okay with you?"

"OKAY! I mean.. it's okay. Hehe,"

Yuri let out a scream when their conversation was over. It was so loud that Yoona woke up again, staring at her roommate, confused.
"Whaaat happen? Who was that? Stop waking me up," She said.

"It's OK TAEKYEON oppa,"


The girls were getting ready for their schedule when the doorbell suddenly rang.

"I'll get that," said Tiffany as she rushed to the door. When she opened it, she was shocked to see a man holding a banquet of flowers in his hand.

The person was facing down and even wore a baseball cap which made him look suspicious.

"Special delivery for Im Yoona. Let me talk to her," the man said.

Tiffany hesistated for a moment. She was scared of the suspicious man.

"Don't worry. It wont take more than a minute," the man raises his head and Tiffany instantly smiled. She ran back to the living room and headed toward Yoona and Yuri's room.

"Yoong-ah. There's someone here to see you,"

Yoona went to the door. The man knelt and handed the flowers to her.

"Wha..What's this? Who..?" Yoona was shocked when she saw the man's face. It was Nichkhun. He smiled and gave a wink before leaving. Yoona froze.

What's the meaning of this? He already knew about her 'confession'? Yoona scratched her head, unconsciously when the girls came cheering at her.

Yoona picked up a card that have been given to her. On the card, there's a neat scribble which obviously Khun's writing.

'** Restaurant. 15/3. 8.30PM'


The news of Khun coming to send banquet of flowers to Yoona spread fast like wild fire. Everyone was cheering for them where ever they go. At first, Yoona felt uncomfortable. But as time passes, she get relaxed and let the news and rumours spread. But the promised day/date still haven't arrived.

But there is one thing that kept bothering her. Ryeowook.

"He said that he likes me. And I think, I have a heart for him,"

Yuri rolled her eyes. "have you contacted him since that day?"

Yoona shook her head. Of course she wants to. But she was afraid. afraid of what Ryeowook's reaction might be. will he get mad? will he act like nothing ever happen between them or will he avoid her?

"If you really have a heart for him, tell him the truth. Knowing Ryeowook oppa, he'll understand," Yuri patted Yoona?s back.

"Even if he do understand, what can we do? We don't have hope," Yoona sighed as she thinked about it.

Suddenly Yuri's phone rang again. She held it out and looked at the caller ID.

"Who is it?" Yoona asked, looking at Yuri's hesistation to answer the phone.

"Kyuhyun oppa,"

"Answer. It'll be rude if you don't. I'm going to the kitchen," with that, Yoona left. Yuri flipped her phone open..

"What are you doing, picking up the phone for so long?"

"I was talking with Yoona,"

"Listen, are you free this Sunday. Let?s get everyone together and have lunch or dinner together,"

"I can't. I've been booked for that day. Sorry oppa,"

"what do you mean by booked? Fine,"

The line was cut off. Yuri sighed. She loved to be together with everyone. The problem is that, she already promised
Taekyeon for dinner that day. Perhaps that will be the day everyone knew that they have feelings for each other.

Yoona appeared at the door of the room, holding a glass of plain water. She was grinning widely.
"I know. I know what to do!!"
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